Grab a Pen and Celebrate National Handwriting Day!

Grab a Pen and Celebrate National Handwriting Day!

January 23 is National Handwriting Day. Grab your pen and write your thoughts down! While technology changes the way we communicate, writing on paper with your favorite writing instrument encourages patience practice and relieves stress. Whether it be calligraphy, journal, or coloring, the motion strokes help the body slowdown and re-synchronize according to this article

The Writing Instrument Association has some suggestions on how to celebrate National Handwriting Day:

  • Start a journal.
  • Send a handwritten letter to a friend or family member.
  • Write a short story or poem.
  • Take a calligraphy class.
  • Write out a to-do list.
  • Leave a love note for someone dear to you.
  • Compliment someone with a handwritten sticky note.
  • Pay with a check – if you dare.
  • Leave your server a tip and a handwritten word of thanks for their service.
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