Rodman signing real estate document with Pentel EnerGel Pro imprinted with Merit Real Estate logo.

Why Stamping Your Brand on Quality Products is a Must

Quality is typically a huge part of company mission statements. It serves as a guiding principle for businesses who genuinely aim to provide outstanding products and services. We sat down with Rodman Amiri, broker associate at Merit Real Estate, to discuss how quality can lead to a business’ longevity.  

Pentel is committed to offering high quality products under any circumstance. We, like many other businesses, uphold quality and integrity. In chatting with Rodman, we discovered many aligned values among Pentel Imprint and Merit Real Estate's standards of quality.

Rodman cites integrity being Merit’s top standard. “Our source of business is repeat clientele, we like to pride ourselves in treating people right… we like to go above and beyond to take care of our clients and look out for their best interest.” Merit takes a very personal approach with their clients and holds an exceptional standard for transparency and availability.

At Merit Real Estate, corporate giveaways are considered very carefully. Their marketing team goes through multiple samples each year and checks quality of pens, bags, and planners. They are critical about how the imprinting of their brand and logo appears on items they give to customers. "Where we put our brand name, is highly important to us. It needs to reflect the quality we stand for." Rodman shares.

As a business you can provide quality in many avenues outside of the product. Rodman states, “It is important to provide quality of service, quality of product, and to represent yourself as a quality brand.” Quality can mean more than a product that works well, it extends to the way the consumers are treated. Quality is essential in upholding a business, and one of the strongest tools to use in marketing.

Merit Real Estate is a property company that reflects these qualities, utilizing them to remain a staple in the South Bay community since 1989. For more information about Merit Real Estate, please visit: Merit Real Estate.

What do you think is the most important quality to have in a business? Comment below!

Author & Photography: Nicholas Ruvolo, Content Contributor and Channel Associate, Pentel of America

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